Maintenance of bamboo furniture

2020-08-22 11:56:55

Bamboo is rich in cellulose, lignin, sugar, protein, etc. These ingredients are all "nutrients" for insects such as borers and termites, so the maintenance of bamboo furniture is inseparable from insect-proof measures. When choosing bamboo furniture, it is best to choose those that have been varnished or cooked with tung oil, which can prevent moths and are durable; if it is small and medium-sized bamboo, it can also be treated with high temperature sealed steam to completely kill the insects in the bamboo; If insects are found during use, you can mash them into powder with chili or Chinese pepper and stuff them into the insect holes to kill insects.

Bamboo furniture needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated place. The environment in a humid and dark place is beneficial to the reproduction of microorganisms and is prone to mildew. For large pieces of bamboo furniture such as bookshelves, recliners, beds, etc., the dirt in the gaps should be removed, rinsed with clean water, and dried. Bamboo furniture that is not in use should be washed and dried and stored in a dry and ventilated place.