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Roydom new energy pure electric cars, jeepne the Philippines, independent research and development, new car technology application, modular assembly production, all safety comprehensive durability test.

fully meet the special assignments and special designed purpose in various industries.
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Product technology standards have become the industry, especially high-tech industry, the commanding heights.


Has received a lot of industry attention to the important qualifications and recognition.

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    Xiamen Shenqing Factory

    The production base of Xiamen Roydom Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the Jimei Guankou Machinery Industry Concentration Zone in Xiamen. It has deployed a PVC film-coated sheet production line, mainly PVC film-coated sheets of various thicknesses. Since the production line was put into production, the output value, output, and sales have increased year by year.
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    Shaxian Mingfu Factory

    Fujian Shaxian Mingfu Wood Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is located in Jinsha Park of Sanming High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is the first enterprise to enter the park in Jinsha Garden, covering an area of ​​46,850 m2, with 3 factories and office buildings.
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    Shaxian Bamboo Rubber Sheet Factory

    In 2015, Roydom set up a factory in the Houmu Bamboo Processing Concentration Zone in Qiujiang, Sha County, Fujian Province, to open a bamboo sheet production line.

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Maintenance of solid wood furniture

Ordinary solid wood furniture does not require special maintenance during daily use, just pay attention to sun protection and moisture prevention. Wood is a porous material and naturally has the characteristics of absorbing water and losing water.

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Maintenance of panel furniture

The main material of panel furniture is wood-based panel. Compared with solid wood, the anisotropy of wood-based panel has been improved to a certain extent, and the probability of deformation and warping of panel furniture with qualified quality is smaller.

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Maintenance of bamboo furniture

Bamboo is rich in cellulose, lignin, sugar, protein, etc. These ingredients are all "nutrients" for insects such as borers and termites, so the maintenance of bamboo furniture is inseparable from insect-proof measures.

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